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Home decor and aesthetics find a new meaning at the luxury residences of Phoenix Kessaku. Kessaku is a part of the Palladium group based out of Mumbai. Vasantha Vaikunth a renowned classical Indian dancer, author, musician and orator, who has been awarded the prestigious award ‘kalaimamani’ from the government of Tamil Nadu, shares her thoughts and ideas on design, decor and art in luxury homes. Her flair for aesthetics and design is reflected in her meticulously designed home at Phoenix Kessaku.

1. As a dancer, aesthetics must be very important to you. What is the inspiration behind your house’s interior design, colour schemes and how did you create this space into your own haven?
– As a dancer and an art curator, I love beautiful things and I can set things, match colours, and make it pleasing to the eyes. For a creative person visualisation is very important before you decide on the house you want to live in. I am always inspired by hand cut mirrors, Murano glasses, a touch of Victorian and a blend of Indian. It works out well. When you go by theory, you will be stuck with colours. It should flow like poetry.

2. How long have you been living at Phoenix Kessaku and how has your experience been?
– I moved into Kessaku early this year. My experience has been fabulous and the whole site looks and feels like it can be anywhere in Europe or Singapore.

3. Which custom fit option did you opt for? What is the size and how many rooms did you opt for?
– I have opted for four bedrooms and took Kessaku plug and play options which enabled me to customise my home according to my preferences and lifestyle choices.

4. What is the highlight or the favourite part of your house and what was the inspiration behind it?
My favourite part of the house is the green verandah which opens up to the sky with a view of beautiful scenery from all sides.

5. Which floor did you opt for? What are your comments on Kessakus’s large airy rooms bathed in natural sunlight providing an expansive view of Bangalore’s skyline?
– We opted for the 23rd floor and without a doubt, nature unfolds itself in beautiful ways each day from up here. Something that stands out is how well laid out the entire apartment is. Right from kitchen to bedrooms and even the prayer room, every detailing is perfect here.



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