Swachhbox Launches International Standard Disinfectant Boxes


Swachhbox is one of the first companies in Chennai to develop and produce disinfection boxes, and are proud to launch a timely intervention that helps people confidently bring objects into their homes from outside, without fear of infection. The device can be used to quickly and effectively disinfect groceries and food items as well as common objects including keys, masks, phones, laptops, clothing, and money.

Powered by UV-C light technology in specific wavelengths combined with various design parameters, the Swachhbox kills viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens with a 99.9% efficiency. Available in 30 and 60 litre variants and handcrafted in India, the device has received globally-recognized CE certification as well as CSIR-CSIO (Central Scientific Instruments Organisation) certification from the Government of India.

The Swachhbox has the advantage of an anti-microbial layer and a smart cut-off design to prevent leakage of the UV light. Meticulously and elegantly designed, it is just as simple to operate as a microwave oven and offers 360°coverage of the entire surface of the object placed within. The timer is automatically set to the recommended 10 minutes, after which the disinfected item can be used without stress. UV light is widely used as an industrial standard sanitising agent at hospitals, research facilities, and in the pharmaceutical field.

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Swachhbox was co-founded by three young entrepreneurs – Sriram Santhanam, who has an engineering background with expertise in railway and construction technologies; Shyam Renganathan, who comes from an entertainment background and performs as an actor and stand-up comic; and Mercy John, who also comes from an entertainment background and is a singer, dubbing artist and former RJ. The trio has come together to introduce Swachhbox.



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