Sustainable and Stylish Denims


What better day than the World Environment Day today to flaunt your Myntra denims. Roadster by Myntra, a brand that represents adventurous life on road, and being one with the nature has always celebrated being “the heart of the highway”. Being one with nature stems from the thought of working towards a greener environment and with that thought, Roadster has proposed to be the most relevant and sustainable Jeans-wear brand on the street.
The green Journey for Roadster began by increasing their focus on using more sustainable finishing processes and eco-friendlier and recycled materials across their collections to lower the impact on environment. Their approach toward green jeans as a sustainable practice does not limit at the garment manufacturing stage, but extends to how the product is used and into the post-consumer use stag i.e. material and processes, garment care and recycle.

Material & processes: includes minimum of 50% sustainable materials or processes like use of organic cotton that reduces water consumption by 71%, alongside recycled polyester that takes 30% less energy and can be reused and recycled again and again with no degradation of quality, allowing us to minimize wastage.
Garment care: Simple, quick and daily tips for garment care is given in the description of the garments.
Recycle: Roadster encourages consumers to recycle and reuse old clothes either by donating them or creating something new through DIY projects.
The most novel thing that sets this collection apart from the others is the scratch to end approach towards sustainability as a concept. The jeans come in sustainable packaging along with Biodegradable and Recyclable materials that includes – Bio degradable plastic & denim duffle bag and plant able shopping bag – unique shopping bags that can be torn and planted to grow plants, ones it completes its life cycle.



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