Sunday just gets more super at The Hyatt Regency


There’s something special about a Sunday Brunch – the fact that you can get a lazy start to that one day of the week, the freedom of not stepping into the kitchen in your home, but instead heading out to experience a smorgasbord of food, spread enticingly to appease even the most fussy palate, and the sheer freedom to lounge around with a plate in front of you for a better part of the day. And believe us when we say that Spice Haat at The Hyatt Regency offers all of the above and then some at the lavish Sunday brunch spread that they put together each week.

Spice Haat boasts of the perfect ambience to encompass this lavish spread. Says Chef SubrataDebnath, “We look to keep changing the menu every few weeks as we have regular customers who keep coming back and we want to give them something different, so our menu is always evolving. The focus is to make every cuisine as authentic as possible but exciting at the same time.”

Spread across 8000 sqft with its eclectic market-like ambience, the brunch spread begins with drinks, including a variety of customised cocktails, refreshing mocktails, fresh juices and a selection of soft beverages and fine spirits, both imported and indigenously procured. Moving on from the beverage selection, one’s attention is captured by the massive spread set out artistically – ranging from street food like chaats, varieties of dishes prepared in North Indian and South Indian styles, a selection of Thai, Chinese and Continental dishes, an assortment of cold cuts, cheeses and relishes to accompany them, fresh meat and seafood and a massive range of Indian and Western desserts to choose from



The chefs curating the lavish spread have taken fusion and food ideology to a new level with their culinary creativity. Simple Galouti Kebabs take on a new meaning when they’re made with mushroom. These delectable morsels are further stuffed into naan bread, elevating the most common and humble dishes on the Indian menu to a new palatable stratosphere. Then there was the experiment undertaken by the chef to stuff an ordinary Mexican Chilli Con Carne into coloured bell peppers. When mixed with lamb and cooked to perfection, this new-age twist to an age-old staple gives new meaning to the dish itself.

Sushi rolled to perfection, an array of fresh meat and seafood and kebabs that come straight out of the tandoor and find their way onto your plate, freshly prepared South Indian favourites like paniyaram, appam and dosai, made hot as you wait for them to hit your plate; rich Indian curries and warm succulent breads…. the variety on display is mind-boggling.

And once you’ve managed to plough your way through this feast, take yourself through another journey of temptation as you hit the dessert counter. From colourful, airy Macaroons to a unique Tofu Cheesecake and Vanilla Panacotta, there’s also a load of Indian sweets and pastries to choose from.

Do remember to take your appetite along with you though, specially when you want to hit the brunch and then hang around for a bit ending your Sunday on a high note!


Hyatt Regency is located at 365, Anna Salai, Teynampet, Chennai.

Call +91 44 6100 1234 for reservations.




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