An Inclusive Retrospect: Sumukhi Suresh


They took on society and pushed the envelope to create a market of their own in this industry. They not only accepted themselves but also embraced themselves and therefore the world accepted them regardless of the societal norms of the typical Indian mentality shunning all the socio cultural structures and such. Meet Sumukhi Suresh, the Stand Up Comedian who is popular and living it up every single day.

When and why did you decide to become a stand up comedian?

Comedy was incidental. I didn’t seek to become one. I auditioned for a show called THE IMPROV based out of Bengaluru. I thought it was a play. Turns out it was a comedy show. Then I started doing videos, sketches work RichaKapoor and Naveen Richard. Finally I took up stand up. By this time I realised I should put all that I have in this and make it work for me. So I quit my job and moved to Mumbai.

Did you go through any issues on your way there? Please share.

Like any comic, I took time to find my funny, find my voice. Since I shifted from the food industry to comedy, I am still learning and researching about the industry and the content that has been made.

If you did face issues, what gave you strength to continue?

I know how to work hard. That is my strength. So any issue comes my way I go back to my basics.

How important do you feel are good looks in your industry?

Comedy doesn’t expect someone to look picture perfect. It is more inclusive. It’s about you and your voice. Although since I am making shows and web series where I want to act and be the lead I am realising how much looks matter.

Have you ever been body shamed?

Hahaha. Ask me ‘have I ever not been body shamed’.

Did you feel you were included in the industry from the time you started? Have you ever felt excluded for any reasons?

Comedy is an inclusive industry. People have each other’s back. All my fellow comics have helped me throughout. I started Improv with Kenny and Kaneez pushed me to move to Mumbai, sketches with Naveen who also saved Pushpavalli season 1, Kanan helped me with BehtiNaak. If you ask me – Are there bumps on the way? I will say yes, but which field doesn’t have bumps?

What has been the lowest point in your career? And how did you overcome it?

I don’t have a particular low point. I mean when comics bomb that’s also a low point. The industry is such that there will be highs and lows, so we are learning how to stay afloat on a daily basis.

What impact do you want to create on this world? What is your goal for the future?

I want to do as many specials as I can, make shows and be the lead in. It and also learn how to make ragi bread that rises well.

What are your other passions apart from stand up comedy and acting?

I love cooking. When I am not on stage, I am in the kitchen.

Who is your idol and why?

I don’t have an idol. I like Bill Burr, Tina Fey, Merck Streep and Tabu. Their work is super inspiring.

Any suggestions for those aspiring to be like you?

Don’t be like me. Be like yourself.



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