Summer Style: Gavin Joseph


As the summer sun is rising and showing its might – Hyderabad’s fashionistas aren’t shying away – resulting in the mercury soaring even higher! With a legion of fashion brands both international and home grown sprouting across the country, each upping the ante like never before, the fashion conscious diaspora is having a field day. Be it urbane or ethnic, the idea for the perfect summer look is to keep it clean, uncluttered, hip and cool! Effortlessness is the name of the game, the colours are pleasing to the eye – read pastels and whites, while the fabrics to go to are cottons and linen. Many among our Hyderabad brigade aren’t the ones to lag behind or sit it out, as they know where to go for cladding themselves with style. Presenting 7 Hyderabadis who nail the look every time.

Text: Anahita Ahuja

Photography: Santosh Kumar G

Gavin Joseph, CEO, SV Caterers

“What you wear impacts what the world thinks of you”

Nature: Out of the box, unpredictable, straight forward

Sense of fashion best described as: Smart, classy, subtle

Fashion is: Life! Looking nice and presentable is like breathing in oxygen – it should come effortlessly. Even on a bad day, if you dress up well you’ll automatically feel good about yourself.

Self-rating on the fashion scale: I may sound a tad bit conceited but I think I’m a decent 10!

Favourite brand: Dolce & Gabbana and Armani

Must-have accessory: My watch!



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