Suhasini Maniratnam as the great Vai Mu Kodhai Nayaki


‘Vai Mu Ko’ was a Tamil writer, singer, novelist, activist and freedom fighter

On Women’s Day, Suhasini Maniratnam shared an image of herself as ‘Vai Mu Kodhai Nayaki’. The actress portrayed the popular woman writer and activist who was born in 1901 in Chingelput district of Tamil Nadu. Vai Mu Ko got married at the age of five in to nine-year-old named Parthasarathy and never got a chance to pursue formal education.

As Vai Mu Ko grew up, she became a strong supporter of women’s emancipation and societal reforms and this kindled her desire to become a writer to express her ideas and thoughts. She learnt how to read and write from a friend, Pottamma and went on to become a writer, singer, composer, activist and a novelist. She was also a freedom fighter who was a speaker for the Congress party. Kothainayaki wrote 115 novels and became the editor of a magazine called Jaganmohini.

Suhasini wrote, “Celebrating great women of our state. I play Vai Mu Kodhai Nayaki, the first female writer..”





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