Suhani Pittie’s Autumn Landscape


Jewellery designer Suhani Pittie’s latest collection “The Autumn Landscape” echoes a natural scenery, where wild and withered pearls depict autumn foliage while full and wholesome pearls signify the full autumnal moon. The muted autumn sun inspires the flat gold forms used in the collection and the textured bases seen in the cuffs and neck pieces depict a dynamic earth as it changes for winter.

Through her creations in “The Autumn Landscape”, the designer muses upon the contrasts present in nature where linearity on one hand depicts the straight forwardness of change being a certainty, while her un-sculpted free forms signify the uncertainty and mystique that the same tomorrow holds.

Ornaments in the collection: Anklets, Waistbelts, Necklaces, Hathphool, Gloves, Palm Cuffs, Multi-finger Rings, Bracelets, Cuffs, Elbow Bands, Arm Bands, Harnesses, Earrings, Ear Buttons, Ear Cuffs, Tikkas, Matha Pattis, Kanautis and hair clips.





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