Sugary Food may not lift up the mood


It was earlier believed that eating sugar-sweetened foods may lift up low spirits. A new study states that it, in turn, can worsen the mood. Researchers have discovered that sugar increases tiredness and lowers alertness with one hour from its consumption. a study published in Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews journal stated that the idea of Sugar rush is just a myth.

Researchers from the  Humboldt University of Berlin stated that the idea of sugar improving mood has been widely influenced in the pop culture so much so that people consume sugary drinks and products to combat fatigue and become more alert.

Researchers have stated that those claims of sugar improving one’s mood is simply substantial and the consumption of sugar could just make one’s mood worse. They are hopeful that their findings will go a long way to dispel the myth of the “sugar rush” and inform public health policies to decrease sugar consumption.



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