Bring Your Best Face Forward With SUGAR Cosmetics


For that on-point makeup, the most natural result is achieved when your skin still looks like skin. With dewy highlighters, color correctors, perfect primers, and blushes that mimic a flushed glow, we’re definitely set to give our skin the effect of not wearing any makeup at all. That said, if you’re not blessed with a preternaturally flawless complexion, creating an even, luminous canvas with the help of the right products is now well within your reach. In the spirit of achieving the ‘your-skin-but-better’ look, SUGAR Cosmetics launches its collection of super handy Face FWD >> Stick Range. The best tricks for creating gorgeous-looking skin with the power of makeup has never been easier with this range of travel-friendly sticks, minus the fuss of liquid, cream, or powder makeup. The Face FWD >> Stick Range has a Primer Stick, three Corrector Sticks, two Contour Sticks, a Blush Stick and a Highlighter Stick.

SUGAR Face FWD >> Primer Stick

The Face FWD >> Primer Stick is suitable for all skin types! This brilliant product reduces the visibility of pores and wrinkles almost immediately and doesn’t require to be blended out after applying directly to clean skin. It’s super light and smooth, and a little goes a long way.

SUGAR Face FWD >> Corrector Stick

Meet the super effective Face FWD >> Corrector Stick. It’s beginner-friendly and loved by pros, these made-in-Korea sticks work like magic on imperfections helping you achieve a perfectly-flawless canvas. It is available in three shades according to skin tones.

SUGAR Face FWD >> Contour Stick

The Face FWD >> Contour Stick will sculpt your face like never before. With this brilliant and easy-to-use product, you can now complete any look without a worry! The contour stick is available in two shades, Fawn First and Espresso Edge.

SUGAR Face FWD >> Blush Stick

The Face FWD >> Blush Stick range comes in 3 gorgeous shades to give your face just the right pop of color when you need it! Just a few dabs go a long way, and the colors are buildable to get the desired intensity with a flawless matte finish. The blush is available in Coral Climax, Pink Prime and Mauve Marvel shades. 

SUGAR Face FWD >> Highlighter Stick

The Face FWD >> Highlighter Stick comes in 3 stunning shades that will surely amp up any look you go for. Get ready to shine on! The highlighter is available in Champagne Champion, Royal Rose, and Bronze Bellwether.



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