12 Things You Understand If You’ve Been in a Long-Distance Relationship


Long distance relationships are not the easiest, is we could say so they are the worst. Sure, all relationships are hard, but in a long distance relationships are even harder. These are some of the some of the struggles that long distance relationship couples face.

Forgetting to call and say “Goodnight.”

Needing to Snapchat everything so they feel included in your day.

Living in different time zones.

Counting down the days until they come back to visit.

Literally not having a shoulder to cry on.

Making new friends that have never met your BF/GF so you end up describing them in great detail.

Falling asleep on the phone every night and low-key wondering if you’re gonna get brain cancer.

When you finally visit each other and it’s not enough time.

Not being able to celebrate anniversaries to missing birthdays.

Wishing you had more time with them when they visit.

Not having “date night” for weeks or months.

Lack of cuddles.

However, all said and done nothing can be more fulfilling than being in love with a person who wants you too, equally or even more. Long Distance Relationships or just regular dating, love can move mountains. Hey, cause some people are worth melting for!



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