Strict Restrictions Begin in Kerala from May 4th!


After consecutively witnessing over 35,000 cases a day, Kerala goes into partial lockdown

After Covid cases seemingly came down in Kerala, restrictions were eased and the state was beginning to let their guard down. Vaccinations among the medical fraternity and senior citizens had also build confidence in the minds of the people that we were finally winning the war against the deadly virus.  People were back in malls, theatres and public areas and gatherings, festivals and weddings were being held on a daily basis. The assembly elections and rallies were held across the state and though there were Covid protocols to be followed, people crowded at political gatherings. Post elections, the second wave has hit Kerala badly and there is a shortage of vaccinations making the situation rather alarming.

The Government has finally decided to impose a partial lockdown from May 4th in Kerala with cases exceeding 35,000 per day in the state and deaths increasing to 45 – 48 per day. The police have warned that people are to go out only in case of emergency and that only essential services are to function. They encouraged people to work from home. If the situation doesn’t improve past May 9th, a full lockdown will also be considered.



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