Street Mama


This new hotspot in Bengaluru brings street food from across the globe


Ambience: Enter Street Mama and you’re instantly uplifted to a vibrant yet artsy space that’s buzzing with life. Walk past the live kitchen or catch some global gastronomy in action as Global Kitchens whips up street food from across the world in the heart of Bengaluru. It is conceptualised and designed by ace hospitality interior designer Payal Khanna of Aura Dezyne who confesses that she has squeezed every creative lemon to make this lemonade. The sprawling interiors of Street Mama is symbolised as different zones with names like Mama’s Cave which is the Live Kitchen, Mama’s Hood which is an amphitheatre, Mama’s Hangout, the 80 feet bar spread and Mama’s Court, the Banquet Area.

Men behind the making: Varun Kapur – Director, Global Kitchens believes that it’s the explosion of flavours, experimenting with local drinks and bustle of street food that inspires Street Mama! Chef Milan Gupta states that the menu is divided into four large sections: The Americas – North & South and The Little Pacific Islands, the second is Europe & Africa, the third section includes West Asia and Indian Sub-continent and the last section is Eastern Asia, South-Eastern Asia and Australia. The traditional cocktails and mocktails in the menu have been presented with a slight twist.

What’s hot: You can transport to Bangkok’s chaotic Chinatown Yaowarat road, Brooklyn’s famous Bay Street or London’s street food heavens of Borough and Camden market, which along with their unique food also represent vibrant and refreshing drinks, served with flamboyance and panache, which add to the explosion of flavours. If you are someone who fancies everything American, try Guac on Toast, the creamy and spiced avocado loaded black bread. Delicious and healthy! You cannot stop yourself from falling in love with ‘Dutty’ Churros, freshly fried churros with a sugary spice sprinkle and chocolate caramel sauce. And we bet you can’t stop at one. Moving on to the champion stuff, Europe and Africa menu will have you dancing with joy. Look for M.O.O (MAMA’s Own Orly), Mama’s own style of English fish and chips, crumbed and pan-fried fish with a spiced tartrate sauce and home-made chips. The meat fans will love the Nigerian Suya Lamb, skewered kebabs of lamb, with a generous sprinkling of Suya also called ‘Yahi’ spice. The last section of the menu from Eastern, South Eastern Asia and Australia is more exciting than you can imagine. Try the Fish on Baton, Bangkok style seafood paste flavored with lemon and cilantro on thick sticks. We loved the Prawn Har gow. Vegetarians will love the Idli Sliders that are wholesome and an innovative twist to the idli. Let some street chemistry do the magic on your cocktails. Try Fire On The Root, a drink delicately spiced that you will feel the fire from inside and will stimulate you. How about a Jamaican specialty drink made with Jamaican all-time favourite rum and pineapple which will give a feel of the Caribbean beaches called Dah Ya Mam.

Where: Street Mama, Level 5, Garuda Mall, Magrath Road, Bengaluru. Call: 95133-00903. Meal for two: Rs 1,200 with alcohol.



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