Street Fashion: Suhail Chandhok


nw0v9223 He is one of india’s leading sports presenters and commentators, having worked on properties like the iCC Cricket World Cup, the pro Kabaddi league, Hockey india league and the indian Super league Football.
How do you perceive street fashion?

I’m not someone who’s big on brands or following trends so as clichéd as it sounds, i think street fashion is just wearing what makes you comfortable and suits your personality at the same time.


What would you wear to the following places / occasions?

The mall or the cinema – You’d generally find me in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt paired with boat shoes or even just a pair of flip flops.
Lunch with friends – i’m a pretty go-with the-flow kind of dresser but at a brunch i’d probably throw on a pair of coloured chinos and polo t-shirt with a pair of sunglasses (my biggest vice when it comes to splurging on fashion).
A casual evening party – i think everyone enjoys sprucing up every now and then, so for a good night out I’d throw on a fitted button down shirt and maybe a blazer, a pair of jeans or chinos and my favourite brogues with a belt to go with it.
Your favourite brands?

It’s no secret that Zara make clothes that just fit well, so too Louis Phillipe with their trousers. While i said i’m not massively into brands, if i do splurge it would have to be Hugo Boss, Tod’s for shoes, Sunglass Hut (where i should be a Vip member) and TaG Heuer for a bit of wrist bling.
How would you describe your sense of fashion?

Being a former cricketer and now a sports presenter, i’d say my sense of fashion too is definitely influenced by that. I’d also be lying if i said i don’t love shopping, something my entire family mocks me for!



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