Starting the day early cuts the risk of Depression


Sleeping habits and patterns have always been important. However, according to a new study, those who are early risers are less prone to develop mental health problems. The study, states that early risers are biologically programmed to be less susceptible to depression and might just be happier than others. In order to arrive at the result, genetics data of several individuals were examined and participants were asked whether they are a morning or an evening person.

After their genomes were analyzed, it was revealed that certain genes impact their sleep patterns. The study highlights a large number of genes which can be studied in more detail to work out how different people can have different body clocks.  The report states that the link between schizophrenia and body clock is the strongest.

The work indicates that part of the reason why some people are up with the lark while others are night owls is that of differences in both the way our brains react to external light signals and the normal functioning of our internal clocks. These small differences may have potentially significant effects on the ability of our body clocks to keep time effectively, potentially altering the risk of both disease and mental health disorders#



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