Starbucks campaign opens up a world of possibilities!




In its endeavour to continue to create unique and special moments of connections for customers in India, Starbucks launched its first locally conceptualised campaign – Welcome to Starbucks # MyMood #MyStarbucks. The campaign is an invitation to find that special personalised beverage which could relate to the varying layers of our daily emotions.

This campaign is based on making consumers appreciate the need to make distinctive choices and thereby, create personalised experiences in their daily life. The campaign #MyMood #MyStarbucks is centered around empowering the customer to explore a world of possibilities through customisations for their every mood. It aims to help the customer discover their ‘own’ beverage by breaking down existing trial barriers and simplifying the steps of customisation through the true beverage artists – the Starbucks partners. Be it an extra drizzle of delicious syrups, some extra crunch or even a double espresso shot, customers now have the opportunity to artfully craft and finish each beverage to suit their every mood.



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