Sri Lankan woman stripped of beauty pageant title in minutes


A woman in Sri Lanka took part in the Mrs. Sri Lanka Beauty Contest held at the Columbo Lotus Lake Stadium on Sunday. The chief guest for the event was Shiranthi Rajapaksa, wife of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. Mrs. Pushpika de Silva was selected as the winner of the contest and was crowned as well. However, within a few minutes of her being crowned, it was stated that she was ineligible to receive the crown as Pushpika was married and divorced. Hence, Pushpika had to return the crown and the runner-up was crowned the winner. Pushpika received wounds on her head when the crown was being removed by Mrs World, 2020 Caroline Jurie and there was an ugly melee on the stage. Pushpika had to be hospitalised due to the injuries.

Pushpika posted the happenings of this event on her Facebook page while in hospital and commented that it was the first time that the crown was snatched from the winner of the beauty pageant. She mentioned that she is not a divorcee and that she was living apart from her husband.
Meanwhile it has been reported that the organising committee was making arrangements to present back the crown to Pushpika de Silva as it was confirmed that she is not a divorcee. She has been formally re-declared the winner.



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