Panchari Melam By Sree Ayyappa Bhakta Sabha


Sree Ayyappa Bhakta Sabha conducted an event in which 350 artists played traditional Kerala temple music instruments, such as Chenda, Kombu, Kuzhal, and Elathalam, in front of the temple. This is an attempt to create a new Guinness Book of World Record in arranging 300 plus artistes playing PanchariMelam.

The famous twin temples for Lord Ayyappan and Lord Guruvayurappan in Mahalingapuram, Nungambakkam, which have become one of the important landmarks in Chennai city are maintained by Sree Ayyappa Bhakta Sabha. Apart from the religious activities, the Sabhais engaged in various social, charitable and educational activities which include free medical assistance to the poor and needy, ‘Annadhanam’ to the pilgrims, distribution of food packets to the poor in the locality every day apart from conducting classes in Bhagavad Gita, Narayaneeyam, music, dance, etc. and also training interested children in Kerala ‘’Kshetrakalas’ (Temple arts), PanchariMelam, (chenda) Panchavadyam, etc.



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