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Interior Design Experts Lucy Philipose and Anna Kuruvilla reveal the hottest home decor trends of 2020! 

Your home reflects your thoughts, persona, creativity and style. It is the décor elements that you put into a space that defines the energy and warmth it resonates. Simple changes like a textured wall, a change in upholstery or lighting or even a green wall can make a huge difference to the ambiance of your space. So this new year, are you ready for a shake up? Ritz catches up with leading architect and interior designer, Lucy Philipose and renowned interior designer, Anna Kuruvilla of Evolve Designs who give us a sneak peek into the most trending home décor styles to look out for in 2020.

Complied by: Riya Sonny Datson

Photography: Evolve Designs

All eyes on the ceiling! Yes, your ceiling is a very important part of your home that we often underestimate. Giving lighter tones to the ceiling makes it look higher, which is probably why the trend has always been to keep the ceiling light and give complimenting darker hues to the walls. But the tables have turned and now there are elaborate décor ideas for the ceiling. From wall papers to darker tones, to introducing elaborate wooden frames and panelling with concealed lights, the choices are umpteen. “Unlike earlier, wall papers are widely available now in all kinds of shades, patterns and prints to choose from. Panelling and woodwork looks classy and adds an extra edge to the room but
the costs are higher and it also involves a lot of maintenance,” says Anna Kuruvilla of Evolve Designs.

When it comes to walls, floral wall papers, textured accent walls and earthy tones are trending this year. Remember, the tone of your walls define your room and sets the mood. “Wall papers have been around for a while now and its favourable option especially in commercial spaces as its application is quick but one must ensure that it not used close to a window or in a space where there is a lot of moisture,” warns Lucy Philipose, architect and interior designer. “With customisation being the order of the day, ‘change’ by itself is the trend now”,
says Lucy. Anna agrees adding that people are more open to exploring and experimenting with new ideas. “We recently did a project that had leather wall cladding and another with stone carvings that gave the walls a 3D feel. There is a lot of variety to choose from but it depends on your taste and budget. Another popular trend that we see a lot now is that of Biophilia – a lot of greenery and
plants are being used indoors to create an effect of being close to nature. “The use of green walls seems very popular, it gives the feeling of a vertical green garden on your wall,” says Anna. Play with colours and design each space to suit your need! At the end of the day, it is your personal taste that matters as your home tells your story.

Minimalism is out and maximalism is here to stay in 2020! “Go bold and experiment with textures. From ceilings and walls to furniture and fabrics, textures are here to stay this year!” says Lucy. The trend is tipping towards a ‘Natural’ look and feel and this extends to furniture as well, with rattan, wicker, jute, bamboo, stone and natural wood finish taking centre stage. Though contemporary and retro styles have been trending for a while, Lucy says that vintage styles would be something to look out for – the shabby chic style!

Curtains and rugs add depth to your room. This year, blinds are slowly moving out and they are being replaced by curtains. Going by the ‘nature’ wave, florals and greens are coming back in a big way in upholstery and fabrics. For those who prefer textures, there are a lot of neutral tones with organic textures and ethnic weaves that is equally appealing. “For the luxurious feel, velvet and leather are your options. Even if you decide to go with neutral shades for your upholstery, you can always experiment with print and textures on your accessories like cushions and throws,” says Anna.

2020 sees the rise of the metal yet again! Copper, bronze and rose gold tones have become a big part of the detailing – be it in furniture, lighting or on the walls. “Stainless steel is out and metal reigns,” says Anna. “People are experimenting with the metallic look even on backsplashes now. We recently used metallic foils in one of our projects,” says Lucy.

Even as you go by the latest trends in décor, the most welcome trend of 2020 is upcycling and sustainable décor. “There are a lot of people who are doing DIY décor and I would say that, that would be the hottest trend now. Everyone prefers to have something new and unique. If you keep your eyes open, you can literally remodel and use anything and everything in your décor,” smiles Lucy. Instead of disposing old fixtures and furnishings, explore your options to reuse, recycle and upcycle what you already have! This new year, let us spruce up our
home in a responsible way!



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