Spinning A New Tune – Vishwesh Radhakrishnan



He’s 22 and student at Loyola College Chennai, over and above which he pursues his passion, DJing. It’s not a career path considered mainstream or serious in India, yet passionate music lover Vishwesh Radhakrishnan is working to prove his critics wrong as he takes his company Musync from a start-up to being a well-known music property in the city.

Currently pursuing his Bachelors in Commerce from Loyola College in Chennai, Vishwesh Radhakrishnan is not your average youngster. The lad eats, breathes and sleeps music and is very sure that he wants to pursue his passion and build it into his career. Hence his move to start Musync, an event and artist management company focusing on exposing people to different kinds of music that are not the commercial tracks normally heard.

Says the youngster, “We find artists that are great at what they do, but not necessarily famous and bring them down to India. We work towards giving people an experience they will not forget. Our aim is to promote electronic music in India with local/national and international talent coming and performing here, thereby exposing people to the vast amount of music and different styles that are there to be discovered.”

Being extremely passionate about music, and often moonlighting as a DJ, Vishwesh says he’s had the opportunity to meet and interact with like minded people and understand the industry better. With the proper contact and a sound understanding of how the industry works, he decided to take a leap of faith and open a company, despite not having completed his formal education.

It is college by day and work late into the night for this music buff. “As I work on bringing down artists from USA and Europe, I find it easier as I work and interact with a lot of companies during these hours due to the time difference. It definitely gets hectic and stressful when I have an event during the week, and while it is manageable, sleepless nights are guaranteed. But then again, when you love what you do it all seems worth it,” he says with a contented expression on his young face.


Now that he’s actively into business, Vishwesh confesses that sometimes clients do not take him seriously when they consider his age. It takes a lot of convincing and extra work to get people to agree to his proposals. “One of the biggest challenges I face is that the kind of music I promote is not what people refer to as commercial music. It is more ‘underground’, more ‘soulful’, by and large unheard of to the normal music enthusiast’s ear. The task ahead of me is to make this form of music attract mass appeal,” he tells.

Having traveled and studied music culture in other countries, Vishwesh feels that there is a lot of scope in India to promote new genres of music. His ideology behind starting his own company early is so that he can monopolies the market before the competition actually arrives on the scene. “I felt that it was better to get into the scene and make it big before larger competitors came in. I wanted to make a name for myself. Hence I decided to start as soon as possible. I also work towards promoting genres of music that aren’t really that popular such as Deep House and Techno,” tells the enterprising young man.

His plans for the future include bringing down artists with bigger names, those who can aid in creating recognition for lesser-known music genres. “In the near future I am hoping to make my company more recognized by the masses, therefore creating a better space for artists to come in and showcase their talent.”



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