Spicy Indian delicacies paired with the finest wines


Wine and food connoisseurs in Bangalore were in for an evening of wine & spice as Sula Vineyards, in association with Enoteca by Maduloka presented a soiree that paired Indian delicacies with 5 of the best Sula wines.

The event was attended by food and wine enthusiasts who gathered to treat themselves to an unforgettably appetizing experience.  As the evening began, Chef Tanvi Chandran’s delectable Indian preparations like Vada Pav, Achari Paneer Samosa, Seekh Kebab and Sev Puri were served and later paired with the most delightful Sula wines by Enoteca and Sula’s Sommeliers Mr. Gaurav Thapar and Ms. Karishma Thakur.

Achari paneer cocktail samosas with 2015 Sula Zinfandel Rose  (Copy)

The Sommeliers complemented each dish with its perfect companion wine that enriched the zests of the repasts. The 2015 Sula Riesling a fruity, aromatic wine was paired with mini Vada Pav Burgers while the Achari Paneer Cocktail Samosas were accompanied by the fun and fruity 2015 Sula Zinfandel Rose. Further, the 2015 Dindori Reserve Viognier lent its spicy, floral flavours to augment the taste of the spicy Sev Puri tarts and the 2014 Hardys’ Riesling Gewürztraminer from Sula’s import arm Sula Selections was served alongside the Seekh Kebab Skewers.

vada pav



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