Special revolver to shoot offenders

The Indian Ordinance Factory at Kanpur has manufactured a special lightweight revolver for women. The gun named “Nirbheek” is designed to fit into a woman’s handbag or purse. Most women usually carry a pepper spray for their protection. Now with this gun, women can literally arm themselves but they have to get a license from the government.
So far 53 women have purchased the revolver. It is made up of titanium alloy and costs Rs 1.39 lakh. As the price is exhorbitant, not many women can afford to purchase it. Many people have applied for gun licences but most are rejected. The Police have said that it will examine each request in order to avoid any misuse. Opinions are divided as to whether guns will be helpful to women in crisis situations. While some feel that it may not prevent crime, others opine that a weapon is sufficient to deter attackers and offenders.


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