Special Music Concert


Special Music Concert 

Subramaniam Academy Of Performing Arts (SAPA) presents a concert of Norwegian and Indian Music apprentices. The concert will be presented by students of the Norwegian Academy of Music and SaPa from 7 PM onwards.

KAMP13 is a 17 member group of talented and upcoming members pursuing Bachelor’s degrees from the Norwegian Academy of Music. They each have different personalities and musical preferences, which will be presented in this concert featuring a number of different ensembles from solo performances to an act consisting the entire group.

Music students from Norway

The concert will present varied material from Norwegian traditional music, Jazz and improvisation, Western classical music and even some music they have composed themselves. In addition to a wide spectre of music, you will be presented a great variety of instruments, such as double bass, Clarinet, Traditional Norwegian Flute, Percussion, Jazz guitar and Scat vocals.

This is an unique opportunity to experience a different culture and its different dimensions. Let this concert be an example of how music can be a common language throughout the world.

Venue: Vijayashree auditorium, SaPa, # 3, Postal Colony Layout, 1 Main Road, Sanjaynagar, Bangalore 560094

Date: Friday, 29th January 2016

Time: 7 PM



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