SPB health update: Slight improvement and stable, says son Charan


Legendary singer SP Balasubrahmanyam, who has been hospitlised, is stable and the doctors have been giving him physiotherapy treatment.

SP Charan, talks about the playback singer’s health update on a day to day basis. In a sign of small relief, the singer says that doctors have been continuously monitoring and the hospital updates are ‘uneventful’.

In the latest video message on Instagram to the well wishers, Charan says, “Reports from the hospital have been very uneventful. Which means dad is continuing to be stable and on the recovery path. That is a good sign, they have done a session of physiotherapy today also.”

According to the hospital’s latest news bulletin, the legend has shown symptoms of recovery and are hoping to say good news soon.
Charan also thanked the doctors of the MGM healthcare hospitals, and others for continuous prayers.