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Jiva Spa at Taj Malabar Resort & Spa offers enlivening holistic treatments and meaningful rituals

When you are down and out, there is nothing as rejuvenating as a tranquil spa treatment. It calms your mind, invigorates your body and soothes your soul leaving you feeling revitalised! Spas specialise in different kinds of therapies and wellness treatments but one needs to choose with care as to which treatment works best! 

Complied By: Riya Sonny Datson

Points to keep in mind:     

Please ensure that you inform your therapist about any specific needs or medical conditions that are to be considered for your treatment like for example, skin allergies or if any areas of your body may require special attention or if you are expecting. During treatment, if you experience any kind of pain or discomfort, inform your therapist at once. Smoking, consumption of alcohol and mobile usage is usually not permitted within the spa. Please check with your therapist about consumption of alcohol or caffeinated drinks before or immediately after a treatment as well. It is highly recommended that you book an appointment prior to your visit.

Style of Therapy: The philosophy of Jiva Spa is inherently rooted in India’s ancient approach to wellness. Inspired by traditional Indian healing wisdom, we believe that a spa unfolds a holistic path of life that opens out channels to nurture one’s life force. The ethos of this carefully re-created treatments is drawn on the rich and ancient wellness heritage of India, the fabled lifestyle and culture of Indian royalty and the healing therapies that embrace Indian spirituality. The spa experiences are offered by trained experts, using exclusive natural products in a fresh and harmonious design setting. Jiva Spa promises to take you through an array of enlivening holistic treatments, meaningful rituals and ceremonies for a truly calming experience.

Signature Treatments:

TRUPTI : Inspired to give you a captivating night’s sleep, this experience begins with our Indian head massage to relax and improve circulation and ease sore and tired neck muscles with essential oils. Succumb to a sublime massage treatment on the soles of your feet to create a profoundly relaxing experience. Complete your indulgence with a nourishing beverage.

JIVANIYA : An energising treatment to relieve muscular tension and improve blood circulation. This treatment includes an exfoliating herbal scrub of exotic spices and herbs from the hills of India, a heat-stimulating wrap, followed by a revitalising massage.

SHUDHIKARĀ :  A unique combination of therapies used to purify the system. A lymphatic drainage massage, a wholesome cleansing scrub and a plantain leaf wrap will leave you feeling light.

PEHLWĀN MĀLISH : For centuries, Indian wrestlers have taken powerful massages. Experience this traditional vigorous massage with either our signature aromatherapy spa oil or mustard oil, which is extremely good for the skin and relieves aching, sore and tense muscles.

Reservation Policy:  Jiva encourages you to arrive 30 minutes prior to the appointment. You are requested to wear swimwear in the wet areas. Most treatments include a five-minute pre-therapy and post therapy ritual.

Rates Starting at: INR 3500 plus taxes

Contact: +91 484 664 3022



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