Soul Garden Bistro introduces ‘Antari – Mexican Coffee Buns and more’ at Kilpauk


Experience Mexican Coffee Buns for the first time in Chennai along with a plethora of other food items baked to give a treat to your taste buds like never before! It surely cannot get better than this!!

About Antari

Antari, a coffee bun, aka Mexican bun was created by accident. It is a soft bun with a crisp topping that has a tinge of coffee flavour. The insides are filled with a combination of butter and sea salt which give it a pillowy, buttery tingle in the mouth. Popular in South East Asia, these buns are both delicious and addictive. Offered in sumptuous flavours including cinnamon, these buns are a perfect combination for your favourite hot beverage.

Besides buns, you will also find some very decent coffee made from Indian origin organic beans which are sourced from bio-dynamically grown self-sustaining coffee estates using organic milk and organic sulphur less sugar.

About Soul Garden Bistro

Soul garden bistro, a multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurant, serves a wide range of pizzas, pastas, maggie’s, burgers, sandwiches, sizzlers, parathas, Mexican, Asian and continental dishes. Started in the year 2016, they now have two branches in Chennai. Their innovative and unique food concepts continue to surprise their customers which gives them an enriching dining experience.

They cater to different diet preferences by serving Keto, low-carb, vegan and Jain options. The Activated Charcoal in buns and ice creams is a rare concept in Chennai so far. The exciting part of Soul Garden Bistro is that pet lovers can dine in with their pets and also treat them to an array of pet menu.



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