Sonu Sood Turns Out To Be The Messiah For The Migrant Workers


Sonu Sood has fed thousands of migrants and arranged buses for them to reach home. He has truly stepped up in the time of need during the coronavirus pandemic and fans call him their favourite government. When the lockdown was initiated, the actor opened up his hotel at Juhu, Mumbai, for frontline workers who might need a place to stay. And now the actor has fed thousands of migrant workers and later arranged for buses and took permission from state governments to ensure the workers could be returned home to their respective states.

According to the TOI, it took a lot of work to convince the migrants to stop walking and stay put as they figured out details of their departure. And when the migrants do stay back, Sonu provides them food and shelter till all necessary permissions are granted to send them back home. He had arranged 21 busses which transported 750 migrant workers to Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and other states.



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