Sonam hopes to inspire with Neerja


Actress Sonam Kapoor says the makers of her forthcoming film ‘Neerja’ are not trying to sell the film to the audience, but only intend to inspiring people with the story of Neerja Bhanot, who lost her life while saving others on a hijacked flight.

Neerja movie 2016 official trailer images
Neerja movie 2016 official trailer images

On Friday, Sonam visited St. Xavier’s College, where Neerja studied, and unveiled a stone plaque featuring Neerja’s name and details of her achievements. The stone will adorn a wall of the institute.

Talking about it, Sonam said: “I’m so glad that Xavier’s has given us this opportunity and given her this amazing honour of always being on the walls on this institution.”

Neerja was awarded the Ashok Chakra for saving several hundred lives as an air hostess on the hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 in 1986, eventually losing her life in the battle with hijackers.

“Neerja Bhanot is an inspiration and she had become quite famous 30 years ago. So it is our endeavour that she becomes an inspiration again. This film is for Neerja Bhanot. We’re not trying to sell this film, we are just trying to inspire people with this film,” Sonam said here.



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