Soft drink companies in demand for low calorie drinks


Cola major brands i.e Coca Cola and Pepsi have unexpectedly reached a sweet spot on the healthier beverage front with a surge in demand prompting Coca-Cola and PepsiCo to step up production of low-sugar carbonated drinks this summer.

Two leading bottling partners confirmed that production has been stepped up to meet the demand which, was triggered by a rapidly shifting consumer preference. The companies have never seen this kind of shortage of diet and low-sugar drinks. This is a phenomenon happening across markets.  In many markets, imported diet and low-sugar colas have flooded retail outlets in the shortage of the diet versions of Coke or Pepsi.

 The demands for diet drinks is growing rapidly, Their portfolio follows the tastes and preferences of consumers and the brands will continue to meet the demand for low-to-no sugar offerings in the country. They are seeing positive growth momentum across the beverage portfolio, including diet and low sugar drinks. Carbonated beverages account for 51% of the company’s sales in India.



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