Social Status is What makes Indians Travel


Traveling around the world is one of the best experiences. Most of us would love to explore different places to forget all the life-troubles only to satisfy themselves when they move out of the doorstep. No matter how worse life is but if you take a trip to your favorite destination, all your worries would vanish.

 However, a study finds that the majority of the Indians travel just for ‘Social status’ and not for their self-interest. Ever since the advent of social media, there has always been a stiff competition among the people in the country as to who gets more likes, comments, and shares. This has been the trend! To achieve that, some go to any extreme to pull off something spectacular. While the majority of the travelers are there to explore interesting places in the world, the majority of Indians travel for ‘social status’.

Triggered by nostalgia, 80 percent of polled people travelled to ‘rediscover past good times’ while 79 percent of people were tempted by urge ‘to experience a simpler lifestyle’, 76 percent of them had ‘to get away from the demands at home’ and 75 percent opened up that the travel was about ‘going to places where their friends have not been to.’ The study was done between October 16 and November 12, 2018, and surveyed 53,492 people from 31 countries of whom 1,852 were Indians.



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