Social Media Posts A New Cause For Lonliness


It is of no Doubt that the world is currently driven on social media and its influence has even crept into many peoples personal life and it affects people in a psychological manner. A Recent study states that Negative experiences on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter make young adults feel lonely. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh in the US build on their earlier study which indicated that more use of social media was associated with increased feelings of loneliness.

Social media is, seemingly, about connecting people. So it is surprising and interesting that according to their investigations reveal social media is linked to loneliness Loneliness is associated with poor health outcomes, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and depression.

Social media is so pervasive, it is critically important that we better understand why this is happening and how to help people navigate social media without negative consequences. It is not clear whether people who feel lonely are seeking out or attracting negative social media experiences, or if they are having negative social media experiences that are leading to loneliness. There is a tendency for people to give greater weight to negative experiences and traits compared with positive ones, and this may be particularly relevant when it comes to social media.



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