Smallest baby at birth discharged from hospital


A baby presumed to be the smallest baby at birth in the world has been discharged from a hospital in Singapore after 13 months of intensive treatment. The baby Kwek Yu Xuan weighed just 212g which is the weight of an apple at birth. She measured 24 cm long.

She was delivered at under 25 weeks, far short of the average 40 weeks. The baby’s mother gave birth by C-section four months before the due date as she was diagnosed with preeclampsia which is dangerously high blood pressure that can damage vital organs and could be fatal for both mother and baby.
Yu Xuan now weighs 6.3 kg. She had a limited chance of survival according to Singapore’s National University Hospital where she was born.
She was given multiple kinds of treatment and relied on different kinds of machines to survive. Doctors said that her health progressed well under their care.

However she still has chronic lung disease and will require help with breathing but is expected to get better with time.
Her parents paid for her long stay in hospital through a crowdfunding campaign that raised $366,884.



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