Brownies Baked With Love: S&K Brownie House


S&K Brownie House, Chennai’s newest brownie house opens its doors. Started by Shiv Sharma and Kevat Suresh Chauhan, these newly graduated Hospitality Management students are serving mouth-watering brownies from their home.

S&K Brownie House serves three variations of brownies; the (1) Klassikós, which is a healthy take on the classic fudgy brownies. (2) Ambrosia, this is an almond and rose blondie, and (3) Café Noir, a fudgy coffee brownie along with Aprichio and Phoenix, two new exciting flavors which will be available in the coming days. 

They also have a Petit Fours Collection on the menu; a collection of an assorted box of bite-size brownies containing 15 pieces, 3 of each variety. The main idea behind S&K Brownie House is to focus on one product but have various varieties, thus being able to concentrate on quality products and reduce wastage.

And that’s not all, Shiv Sharma and Kevat Suresh Chauhanplan on changing the menu every month. For example, one of the menus being planned consists of a healthy vegan collection. In the coming days, they also plan to introduce brownie loaves, brownie layered cakes, and brownie macaroons.

Location: Plot No.38-B, CRR Puram, 4th Main Road. L & T Colony, Mugalivakkam, Chennai – 600125.



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