Singing to create record


Suchetha Singh a 12 year old girl has big dreams. She can sing songs in 80 languages and plans to enter the Guinness Book for singing in most languages in a single concert. This grade seven student of Indian High School in Dubai will attempt to sing songs in 85 languages on the 29th of December. She can already sing in 80 languages, a skill she acquired in just over a year.

Young Suchetha Satish practices singing at home before she attempts to set a Guinness World record in singing songs in over 80 languages. Picture taken on 7th November, 2017.
Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News

She plans to learn five more languages before attempting to break the world record. This child prodigy hails from Kerala and the first foreign language she started singing was in Japanese. She said that she learned it from her father’s friend who was a Japanese dermatologist who visited their Dubai home a year ago.She said that it takes her about 2 hours to learn a difficult song and if it was easy and not lengthy, she could learn it in just 30 minutes. We wish Suchetha all the luck in the world and hope she achieves her dream.



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