Simply Moda !


Noopur Karla is a fashion blogger from Chennai . Her fashion blog is called “Simply Moda ” which is full of interesting ways to style your self on a daily basis as well as looks that she has worn to different events. Noopur’s interest in fashion has been increasing over the years leading her to start this blog. She says, ” In school I was an introvert , and I used to get bullied a lot, leading to me being very quiet. Once i got into college i decided it was time for a change so i started grooming myself better i started,  Taking  care of myself ,  I got healthy and lost  some weight. Once  I started doing all this my interest in the industry just grew and  this is when I decided to start it.”

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For Noopur it started out as a hobby and now its become a full time job for her.She has decided to move further and is  starting a brand for clothing . she will be designing all the clothes herself , most of which will be muscle tshirts with quotes on them. We love following her and we certainly think you should too !  The link is : 




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