Similar personalities not a key to relationship success


Are you searching for a partner with whom you can share personality traits? Relax. The key to relationship happiness could be as simple as finding a nice person, a new study has found. The study showed that despite popular belief, sharing similar personalities may not be as important as most people think, suggesting that it had almost no effect on how satisfied people were in their lives and relationships.

People invest a lot in finding someone who is compatible, but our research says that may not be the end,” said Bill Chopik, Associate Professor at Michigan State University in the US. Instead, people may want to ask, ‘Are they a nice person?’ ‘Do they have a lot of anxiety?’ Those things matter way more than the fact that two people are introverts and end up together. For the study, the researchers from Michigan State University measured the effects of personality traits on well-being in 2,578 heterosexual couples who have been married for roughly 20 years.

The findings, published in the Journal of Research in Personality, showed that even among the couples who share similar personalities, having a partner who is nice leads to higher levels of relationship satisfaction.  At the same time having a partner who is more extroverted results in lower relationship satisfaction. Furthermore, apps that match people on compatibility may have it all wrong despite their popularity.



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