Signature Supraja – Supraja Rao


Signature Supraja – Supraja Rao, Hyderabad

Supraja Rao’s client list is the envy of many of her contemporaries. For somebody who is self taught, this celebrated interior designer has traversed an enriching and inspiring path. RITZ catches up with the super haute decorator whose personal style is as eclectic as her professional one.

When Supraja Rao founded Design House in the early 90s soon after graduating from college, interior designing was more of an elitist passion. And then came a time when homes became more sophisticated and decorative to harmoniously integrate into a modern environment. That was the period Supraja’s popularity began to soar. She taught herself interior design through keen observation and self study and is today among the best in her business. Her firm does a variety of interior projects, her forte being residential design. She has several projects in India, Dubai & USA to her credit. Her fame spread through word-of-mouth and she was flooded with offers to design the homes of high profile clients. Gradually, she entered commercial spaces and began designing office spaces and restaurants.

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Supraja’s accomplishments include the homes of Hyderabad’s elite and offices of Tata Projects Ltd, GVK One Mall, major IT companies and Hyderabad Convention Centre amongst several others

A house is no fashion statement,” says the winner of the prestigious award, Bharat Vikas Ratna, “It is an expression of a personality. It should stand out with rich subject matter reflecting endless fodder for mental imagery.” The strength of her designs lies not only in their versatility but also the mixed cultural experiences they reflect, a direct influence of her travels across the globe.

Design in contemporary and classic fashion being her forte, she believes that using elements of design aesthetically can make any home or office, small or large, look chic. Supraja’s strength is also in blending the motifs from the past with materials of the present. She believes that `Indianness’ is timeless and not enough has been explored in this area. She confesses that she is guilty too. Besides using Indian art and craft here and there, she needs to do more too, she says.

She has been an active member of IIID, Hyderabad chapter and has been its joint secretary for four years. Her accomplishments include the homes of Hyderabad’s elite and offices of Tata Projects Ltd, GVK One Mall, major IT companies and Hyderabad Convention Centre amongst several others. What makes her one of the most sought after designers in the city? Responds Supraja, “The ability to do a good design alone will not make one a good or successful designer. One has to be a good manager and most importantly, be a sensitive person. Design is an integral part of our lives, it enables how we live, work, entertain, and socialise with others around us.”

Supraja Rao

Among the many accolades that adorn her shelf, Design House has won the IIID-MK award at the national level for a commercial project, and won four IIID-HRC awards, in 2008. Her company, Design house, works in various styles including contemporary, minimalist period and Mediterranean styles. Inventive design and extreme professionalism are the hallmarks of the firm. Assurance of quality and professionalism in business are the firm’s commitments to clients.

The firm’s focal point while treating spaces has been to maintain the principles and the essence of design, without compromising aesthetics or function. Supraja Rao’s foot prints include large projects in Delhi, Chennai, Nagpur, Goa, Guntur and Vizag and some work in the U.S and U.A.E. Design House has several projects of Corporate Offices, Restaurants, an International School and Shopping Malls.



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