Sidney Sladen launched Pedalbeat’s 2nd studio in Anna Nagar


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PedalBeat is a Chain of Indoor Cycling Studios A typical class involves a trainer at the head of the pack, who leads the participants through routines that are designed to mimic conditions that resemble biking outdoors. Our instructors will use a combination of music, inspiration, and wildly enthusiastic training to lead clients through a ride that encompasses their fitness level and goals.
Our clients are encouraged to set goals based on their heart rate (measured by a heart rate monitor) and undertake their ride, altering resistance and cadence as needed. This means you can choose to maintain a moderate, aerobic intensity level, or aim for throwing in intervals of of anaerobic activity in your workout, on a particularly strong day!

Venue: Pedal Beat – No. A7, 1 st floor, Anna Nagar East, Above sri Krishna Sweets – adjacent to Anna Nagar East Metro Station Chennai – 102



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