Sidharth Malhotra completes his New Zealand visit, comes back with a bagful of memories


After completing his maidenNew Zealand trip, Sidharth Malhotra, Ambassador of Tourism New Zealand for India returned with a bagful of memories and a desire to re-visit the destination.

As part of his trip, Sidharth experienced a wide range of offerings in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown and Northlandwhile also getting a taste of the local Maori culture.

Sidharth started his trip in Auckland, where he dared great heights by walking around the perimeter of the Sky Tower. The walk that lasted 70 minsgave Sidharth a bird’s eye view of Auckland and a teaser of how exciting the trip was going to be for him. Post the Skywalk, Sidharth visited Auckland University that made him nostalgic of his Delhi University.


One of the most memorable moments of his trip was his felicitation as the ambassador of New Zealand by Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism Rt. Hon. John Key.In Wellington, Sidharth interacted with his fans and watched his latest blockbuster film ‘Brothers.’ .His interest in film also led him to WETA Workshopwhere the team transformed him into an Elf, his most loved character fromThe Lord of the Rings Trilogy.Sidharth also had his first stint with the Maori culture when he stumbled upon a tattoo museum in Wellington where he got a Maori design on his arm.

Sidharth experienced various adrenaline pumping activities upon his arrival in Queenstown including Hot Air Ballooning, Skydiving from 15,000ft., experiencing a luxury spa and challenging former BLACKCAP legends, including Stephen Fleming, to a round of cricket on a glacier.

His final stop on the trip was Northland, where he visited a 2000 year old tree which is a culturally significant icon in New Zealand.Sidharth learned some local Maori dance moves as well when he participated in a Haka in Northland. He also experienced the comforts offered by the Eagle’s Nest at the destination and went diving at Poor Knights Island.




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