Sidharth feels the grip of gravity!


Sidharth is known to be an actor who doesn’t have any fears and is an extreme adventure buff. Every time he gets a chance to indulge himself into any such quest, he jumps straight into it with great energy and enthusiasm. This time Sidharth decided to jump off an airplane for the first time in his life in Queenstown from 15,000ftabove sea level!

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Not just that, Sidharth was brave enough to choose this highest scale. He had a free fall for 60 seconds at a speed of200km/hour. Sidharth had an outright fun time as he maneuvered himself into rolls and tumbles such as barrel in the air and enjoyed the view from top.

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The Bollywood stunner had a thrilling adrenaline rush during the activity. “Skydiving is an activity that I will absolutely recommend to all my friends and fans. It has been on my  bucket list for a while now. What an amazing rush! Flying through the sky like that was everything I thought it would be and more. The feeling of free falling in Queenstown is surreal but I felt completely at ease knowing that my jumpmaster was in control.”



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