Sidharth braves the waves


Photo caption – Speeding on a jet boat and riding the rapids while making some sharp turns in the tightest canyons was just another day in Sidharth Malhotra’s adventure packed New Zealand visit with legendary cricketer Stephen Fleming. He found himself amidst breath-taking beauty and adrenaline pumping jet boating which are incredibly fast in shallow waters of the river.

Sidharth Malhotra in waves

About the activity:

• Skippers Canyon jet boat experience takes place in the narrowest canyons of the Shotover River and is only 30 minutes      from Queenstown.
• Skippers Canyon was formed by glacial activity approximately 25,000 years ago.
• It was once known as the richest gold bearing river in the world.
• Skippers Canyon remained highly inaccessible until the building of the Skippers Road in the 1880’s.



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