Bengaluru Street Fashion: Siddharth Gadodia

Photo credit: Faheem Hussain
Photo credit: Faheem Hussain


A brief introduction

Best described as profound with a witty sense of humour, I experienced a love at first sight situation when I first set my eyes upon a pair of uber cool Knockaround sunglasses. My exception driving skills are not restricted to the road, it just helped me pave a steady path of what led to the launch of Upbeat Retail in December, 2014.

Upbeat Retail gives people the access to owning labels from across the globe at the click of a button. My goal is to introduce international brands that offer superior quality yet being reasonably affordable. Thus I launched, first with Knockaround sunglasses from California.

Upbeatz is a small initiative which is looking to change the game by getting new fashion styles to India – not just to help the country style itself better but also give the end consumer access to uber-cool stuff from across the globe.

How do you perceive street fashion? 

Street fashion does not necessary need to be branded. Street fashion is whatever suits your style or whatever you are comfortable in. It could be local brand picked up from streets or it could be something brought from a high-end mall in London. Whatever gives you the edge can be defined as street fashion

What would you wear to the following places / occasions?

A mall – Chinos with a collared t-shirt

A cinema – Something comfortable, shorts with a t-shirt and flip-flops

Lunch with friends – A pair of jeans with a t-shirt, sneakers and of course my fav pair of Knockaround sunglasses

A casual evening party – My favorite pair of jeans with a shirt and loafers

Your favourite brands?  

Hollister, Abercombie & Fitch, Diesel and Gas

How would you describe your sense of fashion? 

I prefer to keep it laid back. Jeans and a t-shirt are practically my uniform. I like fashion that looks effortless and comfortable. According to me I can rock a perfect  pair of jeans and a cool t-shirt and make it look snazzy.




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