Fitness regime post the festival season: Shwetambari Shetty


Festivals give us plenty to smile about. It is a time for celebration, merriment and with all that comes indulgence. Therefore, it is of primary importance that you remain healthy and fit during the festive season. With some workout discipline and diet control you can continue to rock the festive season and beyond with ease. Here’s a little help from Bengaluru’s fitness gurus that you can include in your daily workouts.



Festive season can get really hectic. Hectic because there is work and a heavy social life, leaving very little or no time for exercise. But there are a few things you can do right at your home or around your home/office to get some activity. Shwetambari Shetty of Cultfit and Curefit shows some quick workouts post the festive season.
My go to is always walking. Walk at home, at office, during meetings, every hour. Wherever you walk, try to achieve 8K to 10K + steps a day. Walking is a fat burner and comes to all of us very easy. So make this your go to exercise if you have time constraints.

Burpees. This ones mostly disliked, but this one movement can make any workout complete. 50 or maybe even 100 burpees with 10 to 20 secs rest between 10 burpees can be a great workout, done anywhere, anytime.

If you do have 30 mins to spare, a brisk walk or a run for 30 mins can be a great fat burner too. Another fun cardio you can incorporate is dancing. If you can make it the group class, simply put on some music and dance your heart out for 20 to 30 mins. There are also a lot of dance based fitness format tutorials online that you can subscribe for.

Swimming is another great cardio for burning all that festive food. Most apartments and condos have a small or bog pool that can be used for a 20 to 30 mins swimming. You can make it interval training in the pool also, 2 laps non-stop & a 20 to 30 secs break and repeat for 5 or more rounds There are also a lot of body weight workouts on different apps you can access for free or paid. There are 10 mins to 40 mins high, medium, low intensity workouts that can be used at home.

Remember, movement is the key. The more you move, the more active you are, the more you can enjoy guilt free festivity.



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