Shruti Haasan Is Confused About People Not Maintaining Social Distancing


Actress Shruti Haasan on Sunday wrote that she’s confused about why are some people holding mini-concerts and not maintaining social distancing by isolating themselves.

Earlier on Thursday, PM Modi addressed the nation about the novel coronavirus pandemic. In his speech, he announced a Janta Curfew on March 22 and also appealed people to show up at their balconies to applaud the front line workers. After taking part in the curfew, people gathered at their windows and balconies to clap and bang thalis. While netizens took to social media to share videos of the same. Actress Shruti Hasan took to her Twitter handle and wrote, “Errrrm why are so many people all stuck together to bang their plates in public? And why are some people holding mini concerts? aren’t we supposed to be isolated in our balconies.”



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