Shikha Kumar launches – Logically Stupid That’s Love 



Shikha Kumar launched her new book ‘Logically Stupid, that’s Love’ in the World Book Fair, Delhi. Many prominent faces of Delhi literary and media circles attended the event.


Shikha’s a qualified IT Manager and an accidental author.

Her first book, ‘He Fixed the Match, She fixed Him’, will soon be adapted as a motion picture. She writes columns occasionally with DailyO (India Today) and on my TOI-Blog, Right Nailed and other forums. She’s also a relationship expert and a traveller at heart.


Speaking about Romance being the most crowded section of Indian fiction, Shikha stated that writing a rom-com could be easier but writing a good rom-com is tougher for the same reason. Because it’s crowded aisle, author of this genre works more creatively to make his/her book stand out.



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