Shield – An Initiative to Embrace Art in Everyday Life


Seema Kohli presents a studio visit by ‘Shield – An Initiative to Embrace Art in Everyday Life’, where she will take eminent associates from the art fraternity for a walk through her works, reference her experiments and experiences via a projection talk, showcasing her works, videos and installations, 4pm onwards at Seema Kohli Studio, # 603,604, Double Storey, New Rajender Nagar, New Delhi on September 12th, 2015 .

Seema Kohli - Shield – An Initiative to Embrace Art in Everyday Life (Copy)

As the literal meaning suggests, the shield has been conceived with the idea of shade, shelter, screen or cover, which would work within the edge of art in mundane life. The idea is to interact inventively with our everyday life and object, and how they could be transformed into a expedient, valuable route, whether in terms of survival and earning, health and wellness, learning and erudition. Thus the objective of Shield is to give protection, shade and safeguard to our existence through the medium of art and creativity.



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