Sheraton Grand Chennai Celebrated Annual Cake Mixing Ceremony


It’s not yet Christmas, but the intoxicating aroma of the Annual Cake Mixing Ceremony at Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort and Spa brought alive the rich tradition and unveiled the spirit of the festive season. Along with Cake mixing what made the event even more special was the National Journalism Day that brought in a lot of Journalists to experience cake mixing and to honor the great work.

An interesting array of fruits, including raisins, glazed red cherries, orange peel, tutti frutti, black currants, dates, figs, dried apricots, figs, prunes, and nuts like walnuts, cashew, almond flakes, and pistachio, aside from spices such as ground cardamom, cinnamon and cloves were poured into a huge tray. The mixing reached a spirited level when endless bottles of liquors, such as whisky, white and dark rum, vodka, gin, wine, beer, and syrups like golden syrup, molasses, honey, and vanilla essence were added. Then the mixture was tossed and turned till they were drenched in the spirit. Christmas décor and live crooning added immensely to the camaraderie of the event.

After the traditional cake mixing ceremony, the mixture was put into airtight bags and left to mature until around Christmas, when it will be blended with the cake batter and baked. Both hotel staff and guests rolled up their sleeves and participated in a hearty mixing. Celebrity guest Singer Unni Krishnan was the chief guest of the event and he enjoyed the cake mixing at Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort and Spa. The cake mixing began with handing over the aprons, gloves, and Santa caps to the guests. This was followed by a scrumptious spread by the culinary maestros of the hotel to celebrate the festivities with a perfect blend of Christmas spirit and cheer.

Amit Kumar, General Manager of this luxurious resort said, “This cake mixing ceremony brings in the spirit of the festive season to all of us, and to have our guests and staffs come together to this ceremony with some great music and food makes it even more special. He also added it is not just cake mixing today, we have invited all the journalists for this event as it is National Journalism Day and we wanted to honor them during this event. A beautiful hamper was curated meticulously for the guests as a return gift.”



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