Shed your morning blues with these evergreen tips


Packed with a 100 things to do and the mind tossing in a frying pan, mornings are often the worst hours in any person’s life. Be it that of an office-goer, a school kid or a collegian. Here’s how you can get over the blues:

morning walks

  • Keep your clothes, books, office knick knacks and other essentials ready the previous night itself.
  • Wake up atleast 30 minutes prior to your usual waking up hour. Utilize those 30 minutes in meditation, taking a morning walk, or simply basking in the sun.
  • Relish a hearty homemade breakfast. Include dairy, fruits and cereals and sit by the table and enjoy every morsel. Don’t rush into the breakfast.
  • Buy some fresh flowers and keep them by your desk.
  • Wish a good morning to the office boys, security and housekeeping staff, in addition to your colleagues or classmates.


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