She Collective @ Casa Cottage


There were lilting verses and bold strokes of colour, there was a shared sensitivity and lifting of spirits. On this warm midsummer morning, many of the city’s cognoscenti gathered to hear poems from an eminent poet and many aspiring ones, to admire the art of a celebrated painter and encourage budding artists.

SHE COLLECTIVE’s morning of art, poetry and affirmation at Casa Cottage highlighted the efforts by the Dream India Network to provide safe havens to very young girls who are in peril in this city.

“The event was a melding of Raintree Media’s publishing work with the Under the Raintree platform for the Arts and the SHE Collective, a social responsibility channel for women and children, with the help of Casa Foundation”, says Sandhya Mendonca, MD & Editor-in-Chief, Raintree Media.

Eminent writer Poile Sengupta recited her poems while artist Shan Re painted. Sculptures by Romicon Revola, sketches by Mini Naidoo and ingenious art by Sindhu Jois, apart from a selection of Shan Re’s artworks were on display.

Six aspiring poets had been invited to send their poems, and six were chosen to read out their poems at the event. Poet Anandita Sengupta also recited her poetry. Guests loved the event full of art, books and poetry, so much that they have asked for it to become a regular feature, and that it be held in different locations across the city.



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