Shashi Tharoor cleared of charges in Sunanda Pushkar case


Shashi Tharoor, a Member of Parliament from the Congress party has been cleared of charges in the Sunanda Pushkar case by a Delhi court. He was accused of abatement of suicide and cruelty in the case of Sunanda’s death. While being discharged from the case, the court asked Tharoor to furnish a requisite bond.

Tharoor who was present during the video conferencing hearing was relieved and grateful after going through seven and a half years of anxious moments.
Sunanda was found dead in a suite of a luxury hotel on January 17, 2014 and Tharoor was charge -sheeted by the Delhi police.
The post mortem report showed that the cause of death was due to poisoning that could be oral or injected. It was argued by the prosecution that Sunanda faced stress and betrayal due to the mental cruelty that was caused by Tharoor. However, the prosecutors were not able to establish evidence against Tharoor.



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